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Start a farm easily visiting our farmshop and choose from available farms, follow any sold out farms too to be prompted once it reopens for sponsorship

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Follow updates on the progress of your farms, track your Return on Investment and get paid. We insure your investment to for security measures. We guarantee your money arrives safely at the end of every cycle.

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What is Menorah Farms App?

We launched the Menorah Farms mobile app so that you can easily access and be a part of the agricultural revolution from your mobile phone. By downloading the Menorah Farms mobile app, you will be the first to know via push notifications once a farm is open for sponsorship so you can make a healthy profit while sponsoring a rural farmer.

Why did Menorah Farms develop a mobile app?

We launched the mobile app so it will be easy for our users to sponsor and monitor their farms. With two-clicks, you can access your dashboard and monitor your farms through text, image and video updates. You will also receive notifications when we publish new offers, so you get necessary information on the right steps and options available for you in the agriculture space.

Where can I learn about Menorah Farms?

You can learn more about our platform, team and vision by visiting menorahfarms.com/us.

How do I download the app?

Click this link to download the app from the Google Play Store (for Android users). For IOS users, our app will soon be released on App Store.

Is it only for crop farming?

This app makes it really easy for you to sponsor farms when they are available for sponsorship, regardless of the type of farm that is available.

How does it work?

The Menorah Farms mobile app has been uploaded to the Google Play Store and is verified by Play Protect, Google’s mobile security system that keeps your data and app safe. For the app to work on your mobile, please visit this link to download, install and sign up in the app.

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