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You too can be a farm owner today, our farms yield high returns in no time. We give you a platform to help farmers.

Lands in Abundance

We've secured several farmlands in several places set aside mainly for agriculture and farming. From Osun State to Ogun State, From Badagry to Abeokuta; we keep growing.


Utilizing the concept of crowdfunding, we have success stories of changed lives through our many farmers.

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Catfish Processing

Badagry, Lagos State

25% returns in 12 months


Plantain Farm

Ogun State

17% returns in 12 months


Chicken Meat Processing

Ogun State

22% returns in 12 months


Our Statistics

Acres available

Rabbits reared

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Chickens reared

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We've created a mobile app that makes it possible for you to own a farm right on the go. All our farms are available on Menorah Farms App.

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At Menorah Farms, we honour privacy and confidentiality. We've built a platform that is equipped with Bank-Grade security features. Be sure that your data is secured. Leadway Assurance insures our farms and ensures that we go all the way for all partners and farmers on board.