We are glad you hopped on this page! Menorah farms Rabbits are well fed, disease free rabbits. We have carefully chosen the best  breeds which produce premium meats and wonderful texture.

Menorah Farms Rabbits are raised to the specifications of the “Never Ever Program”, where hormones and steroids are never used.

Why rabbits? The Livestock Farming industry of which rabbit farming line of business is a part  is indeed a large industry and pretty much active in countries such as United States of America, Nigeria, Ghana, Holland, China, Australia, Cameroon, Mali and Senegal et al. It is a fact that there is no single rabbit farming business that has dominated market share in the industry hence smaller rabbit farming business can successfully compete in the industry and still make appreciable profits.


Are your products delivered fresh, Frozen or Grilled?

In order to maximize the integrity of our products, many items are flash frozen once packaged. This ensures quality and consistency during transit. If you are interested in purchasing fresh products only, however, we only deliver based on the customers preferred order

How do I defrost meat properly?

To defrost safely and keep the integrity of the meat, we recommend to defrost slowly. Keep meat in the refrigerator for at least one day for small amounts (2 pounds and under) and two days for anything heavier. We do not recommend using a microwave to defrost meat, as the heat will make the products tough and flavor could be compromised.  For a quick defrost, we recommend keeping the meat in the Cryovac pack and submerging in water for a few hours.

How long can this meat be frozen

Many of our products are have been flash frozen at the time of processing. Products can stay frozen for up to one year from the date of production. Fresh products should be consumed or frozen by the given expiration date.

Method Of Payments?

Menorah Farms accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Bitcoin

Can you cook game meats the same way as other red meats

Game meats have less fat than beef, and therefore, can dry out easily and quickly. We suggest cooking game products rare to medium rare for the best taste and tenderness.

Can you re-freeze meat if the products arrive semi-frozen?

It is possible for products to slightly defrost during the course of delivery which is normal.  You can re-freeze menorah bunnies meat if you are not going to cook the item immediately, which will maintain the integrity of our products. The temperature in the box should be 40 degrees or less (as cold as your refrigerator). This is considered a safe temperature for consumption and will not compromise the quality of the product.

Why do you deliver products in Styrofoam boxes?

At the present time, this material keeps our perishable products at a consistent temperature while in transit. Our packing boxes are biodegradable, and we continue to search for more environmentally friendly cooler boxes.  We encourage you to reuse our boxes when transporting food!